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Goalkeeper Training

At the Bavarian Soccer Club, we have a program to create complete goalkeepers. It is our obligation to provide the tools for a goalkeeper to play at the "next level". While training the complete goalkeeper we focus on developing the following qualities:
  • Technical Proficiency    
  • Decision Making      
  • Physical        
  • Leadership
The Bavarian Soccer Club's goalkeeper curriculum is designed so that each goalkeeper has the opportunity to systematically develop as a player. The curriculum is broken down in stages which are executed monthly, weekly, and by training session.


Fall 2017 Training

Fridays beginning Aug 25 field #4

Session 1

6:15-7:15 pm
Session 2 7:00-8:00 pm
Jon Mroz

Jon Mroz

Director of Goal Keeping

Bavarian Soccer Club Developing Tomorrow's Leaders in Goalkeeping Today

The goalkeeper is as vital to a soccer team as any player on the field. The goalkeeper position is unique, and thus, goalkeeper training must be unique. While goalkeepers must be every bit the soccer player with their feet as their field-playing brethren, there are also skills needed and decision-making abilities that no other soccer player possesses.                                          

To learn these skills, goalkeeper training must be specialized and systematic. The Bavarian Soccer Club takes an 8 stage approach to development. Training builds each goalkeeper's comfort in each stage.

In training sessions, the goalkeepers will rehearse the "proper" ways to save the ball and play the ball. In matches, however, improvisation is sometimes needed and decisions may be made without concern for what is "proper" technique. Bavarian Soccer Club’s Goalkeeper Training will help each goalkeeper grow, not only in training, but also as a player that understands all of the requirements placed on goalkeepers in match play.

For more information on the Bavarian Soccer Club’s Goal Keeper Training please contact Jon Mroz, Director of Goalkeeping.