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Sponsorship Opportunities

Your advertising dollars will not only promote your business, but help support a Milwaukee tradition in youth soccer!

Contact Steve Giles to discuss our various advertising options and pricing.

Sponsorship description

Field Banner Heartland Value Fund Stadium, Ramon Field or
Field 4


4’ x 10’ Banner hung on perimeter fence for the entire season

Bleacher Banner

4’ x 10’ Banner hung on home field bleachers​​​​​​​

Heartland Value Fund Stadium logo on field turf


Heartland Value Fund Stadium Scoreboard Sponsorship

Company logo on the home field scoreboard.

Website Logo Placement

Receive prominent company logo placement on Bavarian Soccer Club Website

Uniform/Jersey Front

High profile opportunity located on the chest area of the Uniform Jersey tops

Uniform/Jersey Back

High profile opportunity located on the back of the Uniform Jersey above the number

Uniform Shorts <or> Sleeve

Sleeve or shorts logo on home and away jerseys

Player Scholarship Fund

In honor of Guenther and Ginny Behre's 62 year commitment, BSC has created a player scholarship fund in their name. Scholarships are awarded to players in financial need.