Player Team Placement

New players are always welcome to the Bavarian Soccer Club each spring by attending our Open House or Tryout. The Club is committed to fielding multiple teams at every age level where sufficient interest and membership exists. However, the Club reserves the right to size its program offerings subject to various factors including available field space and coaching resources.

Players interested in joining BSC outside of our Open House/Tryout period are determined on an individual basis. Please email Bob Spielmann, Director of Coaching, or call him at 414-687-9564 for more information.

Academy Program: Once admitted to the Academy Program, players are welcome to participate for the entire 8-U thru 10-U curriculum, subject to the terms of this policy. The purpose of this policy is to create a secure environment in which the highest attainment of individual skills can be realized without undue pressure on youth players to win. This is a unique benefit of the Bavarian Soccer Club. 

Junior & Bavarian Programs: At these levels, the expectations for competitive play and increased time commitments to soccer will be experienced by players and parents alike. As a competitive club, the Bavarian Soccer Club will continue to encourage the highest level of competitive play from its Juniors and Bavarians teams, ages 11-U thru 19-U, Premier or Select, with appropriate appreciation for our core values.

The above policy is specifically subject to the following conditions. The lack of adherence of the following conditions can lead to suspension or dismissal from the program at any time:
  1. Fulfill your financial obligations to the Club in a timely manner
  2. Fulfill your volunteer hours obligation to the Club every season
  3. Stay informed of what is happening with your team and the Club as a whole
  4. Foster an attitude of sportsmanship, club involvement and participation so that your child reaps the greatest possible return on their invested time
  5. Create an atmosphere of practice and game priority, including punctuality and preparedness prior to all training, practice and game events