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College Recruiting Resources

College Night Coming SOON!

BSC College Night is for players that want to play at the "Next Level". Many times parents and players are seeking information on the college soccer and recruitment process.They are not sure where to turn for information.There are so many questions to ask. "When do I apply to College? How important are test scores? How do I contact a college coach? Do I need a video? What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? How do I begin the recruitment process?", are all common questions.

It is the BSC's hope that the information provided from this meeting will help you to answer some of those questions and point you to the right sources for additional information. There are some guidelines that will help you as you prepare for this exciting, yet sometimes intimidating, process.
The College Coaches that will be attending:
Kris Kelderman - UW-Milwaukee Head Men's Coach
Kyle Zenoni - UW-MIlwaukee Asst Men's Coach
Troy Fabiano - UW-MIlwaukee Head Women's COach
John Saleska - Concordia University - Asst Men's Coach
Ryan Middendorf - Concordia University - Head Women's Coach

Bsc College Recruiting Guidebook



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