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Winter Breakout Futsal Tournament

Looking for something to do the last few days of winter break?   Join us for a fun futsal tournament at InBounds Training Center. Teams can consist of teammates, neighbors, siblings, cousins, or school friends.  All games will be completed within a few hours for each bracket, avoiding long delays between games. 

  • Boys and Girls 9U-13U
  • 3 Game Guarantee (to be completed within 3.5 hours per bracket - Fun filled action with very little down time)
  • Round Robin
  • Prize for Best Team Name 
  • Firm congratulatory handshake for Championship team in each bracket.
9U-11U  Friday, December 29th | Games begin 8:45 am
  • 5v5 (four players plus a keeper) 
  • 20 minute running halves with a running clock 5 minute halftime
  • 1 timeout per team per game (1 minute running clock)
  • Futsal Rules
12U-13U  Saturday, December 30th  | Games begin 8:30am
  • 7v7 (6 players plus a keeper)
  • Full Facility (that's right, all nets dropped to make one full facility court 180' x 110' - these kids are going to RUN!)
  • 30 minute running clock games
  • 1 timeout per team per game (1 minute running clock)
  • No Halftime
  • Modified Futsal Rules