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Volunteer Opportunities


Want to Volunteer Remotely?



BSC is looking for a Club Communications Director.  Someone to consolidate all our club news into attractive, monthly newsletters.  Our goal is to increase parent awareness of the club while reducing messaging.  Contact Lessandra Morel is you're interested. 


Fall Concessions - REGISTRATION OPEN

The Bavarian Soccer Club concessions stand is open this fall on the following dates. Fulfill mandatory volunteer hours by signing up.
October:  28
November: 4, 5, 11

Family Volunteer Requirements

The Bavarian Soccer Booster Club is excited to welcome members to our soccer family.  Our club continues to thrive thanks to the many dedicated families and volunteers who give tirelessly towards our continued success.  As part of the Club, we ask families to donate their time.  

  • Volunteer hours are calculated per family; not per player 
  • There is a maximum of 16 hours / family / season
  • A buyout fee of $50/hour not completed by May 31 of each season will be assessed to annual dues
  • A link will be provided in August for families to register for specific events/committees.

TEAM  (boys & girls)


Academy  (8U - 10U)

8 Hours

Premier Juniors (11U - 14U)

8 Hours

Premier Bavarians (15U - 19U)

6 Hours
Select Teams (11U - 19U) 3 Hours